Guest Researcher

Descendants of Guthrie Family Group 4 will want to take note of this excellent presentation by our guest researcher Patrick Hoggard highlighting the family of Thomas Guthrey (1796 – 1890) who settled in McMinn County, Tennessee. His meticulous documentation and discoveries are enlightening. We not only learn about Thomas’ wife and children, but discover details about his previously unconfirmed parents and siblings. Other key findings have been made as a result including one that will require some of you to adjust a branch of your family tree. Evidence and discussion on Guthrie-Coleman relations is available in the addendums.


  1. Not exactly published, but available to have printed by Blurb and mailed. I have posted the link on my website,, under the menu item Order Print Copies. Be sure to download Ann Guthrie’s detailed comments on this site (Guthrie Genealogy).

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