2A-A: Martha Guthrie

of Maryland, North Carolina, & Possibly Tennessee, USA

Parents: James Guthrie c1720IRE – 1801NC & Elizabeth (MNU)
Birth: Before 1775, probably 1765-1770
Birth Location: Near Baltimore, Maryland or Orange County, North Carolina
Marriage: Before 1795 in Orange County, North Carolina, USA
Death: Unknown
Death Location: Unknown, probably Kentucky or Arkansas
Martha Guthrie was one of 6 daughters and 2 sons of named in the last will and testament of their father James Guthrie. By process of elimination, Martha Guthrie is the daughter who married a Barnett. We don’t know his first name. Only that they had a son named James Barnett who was born prior to the writing of James Guthrie’s will. James Barnett and all of the other grandchildren named for their grandfather James Guthrie were identified. Since we have not been able to discover Mr Barnett’s name and Martha has not cropped up in other records, it is possible that both of them died fairly early on, but it is presumed that they made the move from North Carolina to Kentucky before 1795. As far as we can discover, they had one child: James Guthrie Barnett.

Parents: Unknown
Birth: Unknown
Birth Location: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Death Location: Unknown
A descendant of James Guthrie Barnet (Kit 179044) is a participant in the Barnett Y-DNA Surname Project at FTDNA. He is a match for several others in Barnett Family Group 22. One lists ancestor Byron Barnett b1740-d1797.

Children: 1 Known

abt.1795NC or KY – 1846AR
James Guthrie Barnett was born about 1795. Trees list a birthplace of KY, but the 1880 census record of a daughter lists his birthplace as North Carolina, which would make more sense for 1795. James married Mary Henderson about 1817. They loved in Lawrence County, Arkansas. James died there about 1846 and Mary about 1850.
1) William H Barnett 1817/8AR-1857AR married Martha E McGee +children
2) Martha G Barnett 1820AR-1880AR married 1st James Cravens +children, 2nd David McKnight +children
3) John Robinson Barnett 1722/3AR married Linda Carolina Johnson. No known children.
4) James Alexander Barnett 1824/5AR-1900AR married Nancy Jane Ware +children
5) Mary Ann Barnett 1829AR-1862AR married Markus B Jackson +children
6) Harvey Clark Barnett born 1831/2AR. No further details.
7) Franklin Monroe Barnett 1833AR-1888AR married Mary E Cunningham +children
8) Ira Nelson Barnett 1836/7AR-1866AR married Mariah Simpson +children
9) Margaret Elizabeth Barnett 1839AR-1899AR married 1st A M Holt, 2nd Israel Folsom Dawson +children
10) Samuel K Barnett born 18__AR. No further details.

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