2A-A: Mary Guthrie

Mary Guthrie a1765MD – 1840TN & Alexander McMenamy
of Maryland, North Carolina, and Tennessee

Parents: James Guthrie c1720IRE-1801NC & Elizabeth (MNU)
Born: Before 1765
Birth Location: Either Northern Ireland or Maryland
Marriage: Alexander McMenamy on 9 May 1795 in Orange County, North Carolina, USA
Death: 1840
Death Location: Wilson County, Tennessee, USA
Burial Location: Unknown, presumably Wilson County, Tennessee, USA
Notes: Mary Guthrie is probably the eldest of the Guthrie children. It is difficult to pin down her exact DOB, but it was prior to 1765. She may have been born in either Northern Ireland or Maryland. The family moved from Maryland to Orange County, North Carolina prior to 1781. She married Alexander McMenamy on 9 May 1795 when she was about 30 years of age. He was 36. Her two brothers had married in 1791 and moved to Tennessee by this time. She had 4 children with Alexander. They remained in North Carolina until about 1810 and afterward moved to Murfreesboro, Rutherford, TN where they located by 1820. Both Mary and Alexander died about 1840 reportedly in Wilson County, TN.

Parents: John McMenamy 1738IRE – 1800/01NC & Sarah Jane Robeson
Born: 15 Sep 1758
Birth Location: Halifax County, Virginia
Occupation: Farmer
Military Service: American Revolutionary War Soldier
Death: 1840
Death Location: Wilson County, Tennessee, USA
Burial Location: Unknown, presumably in Wilson County, TN
Notes: Alexander McMenamy was the eldest of 4. He participated in the Revolutionary War initially entering service as a volunteer under Capt John Oldum in a regiment commanded by Col Stephen Moore. He took sick and was furloughed on 12 June 1779, but was back again by 15 March 1781 when he took part at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse and served as volunteer as a 1st Sergeant in Capt George Oldum’s company for 5 months and as a mounted gunman for 2 months under Capt. William Sanders in a regiment commanded by Col. William Moore . In 1782 he enlisted as a soldier in the company of Capt Jacob Rayford, 1st Regiment NC State Troops, and then as its Captain until honorably discharged 20 Dec 1783.

FYI: There are about 100 spelling variations of the McMenamin/McMenamy surname and several are found within the tree based on the most commonly used spelling in the records. For the purposes of this particular page, I am sticking with McMenemy. Descendants are invited to join the McMenamin/McMenamy/McM* DNA Project utilizing AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA, transferred other autosomal tests, as well as Y-DNA testing of McM* men. I am the admin for both the Guthrie and McM* DNA Projects.


1788NC – 1834IL
There are 2 mysteries here. According to the listed birth date (can’t find an original) Sally McMenamy was born on 2 June 1788 in Orange County, North Carolina, which would indicate that she was born prior to the marriage of Alexander and Mary. She could be the daughter of one of these people via a previous unidentified marriage, or both if born out of wedlock. The second issue comes with her marriage or marriages. The records of Caswell County, North Carolina indicates that Temple Byrd obtained a license to marry Sally McMenamy dated 28 May 1809, and so trees (including mine) list this as a marriage date. However, Temple Byrd is also listed as marrying Nancy Fuller on 14 July 1809 in Caswell County, NC. Upon his death on 10 Jan 1810, it is Nancy who is listed as the administrator of his estate. When Sally married John Blurton in Wilson County, Tennessee on 29 March 1811 the name listed on their marriage record is ‘Sally McMinnaway’, her maiden name. I propose that while Temple Byrd filed a marriage license to marry Sally in NC, that they never went ahead with the marriage. Instead, he married Nancy Fuller a couple of months later, and Sally chose to move to Tennessee with her parents. Sally and John Blurton had up to 7 children. Note there is a 12-yr gap between John and Jesse. She died in 1834. John remarried on 8 August 1837 in Marion, Illinois to Sarah Garner. They had 5 additional children: Franklin Monroe Blurton, George Washington Blurton, Susan Catherine Blurton, Wesley Blurton, and Alexander Blurton.

1) Nancy Blurton c1811TN-1850IL married John Hammer +children
2) Elizabeth Blurton c1812TN-1844IL married Joseph Gray +children
3) William B Blurton born c1813TN married 1st Margaret McHenry +children, 2nd Martha Edgar +children
4) John Blurton 1816TN-1908MO married Cynthia Prewett +children
5) Jesse L Blurton 1828TN-1870IL married Lucy Cole +children
6) Mary Blurton born c1830IL. No further details.
7) Sarah Jane Blurton born c1833IL-1916IL married Miles/Myers G Allen +children

Y-DNA Project Participant: N/A – descendant of a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participant: No

1795NC – 1875TX
William John McMenamy was born on 19 February 1795 in Caswell County, North Carolina. His parents moved to Tennessee where they lived in Rutherford County around 1810-20 and later Wilson County. He married Permelia Ward presumably in Tennessee around 1810-1814. She is credited with being the mother of James B McMenamy born c1810, which would make both parents about 15. No documented original source. The family journey reportedly took them from Tennessee to Macon County, Illinois prior to ending up in Fannin, Texas.
1) James B McMenamy/McMinnamy 1810-1860TN. No further data. Need to verify this child.
2) John Horace McMenamy 1814TN-1877IL married Nancy Eveline Hill +children
3) Lucinda C McMenamy 1816TN-1839IL married 1st James Ward Warnock +children, 2nd Elias Martin +children
4) William Washington McMenamy 1819TN-1887TX married Evaline ‘Effie’ Burch +children
5) Isaac A McMenamy 1821TN-1887TX married Nancy E Gwaltney +children
6) S M McMenamy born in 1825TN married Sinclain Jones / unknown if any children
7) Jeremiah John McMenamy 1825TN-1904OK married Mary A Barber +children, 2nd Eliza Ellen Ray +children
8) Mary A C McMenamy born 1827TN. No further details.
9) J M McMenamy born 1832IL. Living in Fannin, TX 1850. No further details.
10) J A McMenamy born 1845TX. No further details. Child or grandchild?

Y-DNA Project Participant: N/A – descendant of a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participant: Yes

1798NC – bef.1850TN
Mary Ann McMenamy was born 20 Jun 1798 in Caswell County, NC. An alternate year of 1788 is also found in place as is an alternate birthplace of Pendleton, WV. Pendleton, VA was formed in 1788 from parts of Augusta, Hardy and Rockingham Counties. WV officially came into being in 1863. I have seen no original documentation listing a full DOB or location. There is a marriage record for widower John Harpole on 20 Sep 1824 in Rutherford County, TN. This is an appropriate location for this McMenamy family. Harpole’s first wife was Elizabeth Swingley whom he married in 1816 in Wilson County, TN and by whom he had 3 sons: Solomon Wesley Harpole, Albert Carroll Harpole, and Wilson Page Harpole. He is listed in the 1820 census for Wilson, TN. After that John Harpole appears in the Obion County, TN census and reportedly died there on 12 Feb 1861. The 1830 census lists his wife as 40-49 years of age (born 1781-1790), and the 1840 census as 50-59 (1781-1790). She is not listed in the 1850 census, which shows John Harpole, 59, Page Harpole (son) 28, Milly Harpole (dau) 21, and William Harpole (18). Mary Ann presumably died between 1840-1850. These last two children are credited to her.
1) Permelia ‘Milly’ E Harpole 1827TN-1903OK married 1st James H Chandler, 2nd John Melton Gentry +children
2) William Harpole 1832TN-p1850TN. Residing in Obion, TN 1850, age 18. No further details.

Y-DNA Project Participant: N/A – descendant of a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participant: No

1800NC – p1870TN
James McMenamy was born in Caswell County, NC and named in his grandfather, James Guthrie’s will. Even though he was not the eldest of Mary’s sons, he was the one named after James. He bequeathed 5 pounds each to several of his daughters’ sons named for him: James Shannon, James Barnett, James Forrest, James McMenamy. This does not include bequests to his Guthrie grandchildren. James married Sarah E Robertson on 19 June 1830 in Rutherford, TN. They remained in Rutherford at least through the 1870 census. Sarah died between 1860-70. James most likely died 1870-80. They had six children.
1) John R McMenamy 1831TN-1905TN married Cynthia Drennan +children
2) James Thomas McMenamy 1832TN-1879TN married Martha Drennan. No children identified.
3) William Edward McMenamy c1834TN-1918 married Ruth M Carter. No children identified.
4) Harriet McMenamy c1839TN-p1910TN married 1st Thomas Franklin Drennan, 2nd Ira E Peach. No known children
5) Luke McMenamy c184o TN-p1860. Residence in Rutherford, TN in 1860. No further details.
6) Sarah Elizabeth McMenamy 1844TN-1921TN married James E Sanders +children

Y-DNA Project Participant: N/A – descendant of a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participant: No

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