2A-D: Jane Guthrie

of Pennsylvania, USA

Parents: Archibald Guthery 1753PA-1779PA & Rebecca Phillips
Birth: About 1777
Birth Location: Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA
Marriage: About 1795 / Likely 1795-1797 in Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: Between 1806-1812
Death Location: Miami County, Ohio, USA
Burial: Unconfirmed, Probably in Old Blue Cemetery in Miami County, Ohio
Jane Guthrie was born about 1777 in Greene County, Pennsylvania. Her father, Archibald Guthery, died during the Revolutionary War and her mother subsequently remarried to Solomon Hobbs. Jane grew up in Greene County and married Andrew Dye, the son of Andrew Dye and Sarah Minor. Online trees list both PA and OH has their marriage location, but it was most likely Greene County, Pennsylvania where both of them were living at the time. The Dye family including Andrew’s parents moved to Ohio. Andrew and Jane settled in Miami County where their children were born: Stephen, Archibald, Andrew Alexander, Rebecca, Solomon, Sarah. Jane died sometime between 1806-1812. I do not have any original sources listing the children of Jane Guthrie Dye.

Parents: Andrew Dye Sr 1744NJ-1835OH & Sarah J Minor
Birth: 25 December 1774
Birth Location: Washington County, Pennsylvania
2nd Marriage: Catherine Riffle on 17 November 1812
Death: 3 April 1838
Death Location: Concord, Miami, Ohio, USA
Burial: Old Blue Cemetery in Miami County, Ohio, USA
Notes: Andrew remarried on 17 Nov 1812 in Warren, Ohio to Catherine Riffle. They had several more children: Jane, Minor, Miranda, Alexander McCullough.

Parents: Jacob Riffle 1745VA-1816VA(WV) and Dorothy Plyman
Birth: 24 November 1784
Birth Location: Lebanon, Warren, Ohio, USA
Dye Children: Jane (1814), Minor (1818), Miranda (1820), Alexander McCullough (1825)
Death: 24 November 1853
Death Location: Concord, Miami, Ohio, USA
Burial: Old Blue Cemetery in Miami County, Ohio, USA
Notes: Catherine was living in Concord with her son, Minor L Dye, and family during the 1850 census.


Stephen W Dye was born about 1798 in Greene County, Pennsylvania. He married Elizabeth McCullough 1800-1865, the daughter of Alexander & Jane McCullough. They had only 3 children: Marshall Alexander, Mary Jane, and Margaret Marie. Stephen died at the age of about 34 in 1832, presumably in Miami County, Ohio. Elizabeth remarried on 23 February 1837 to Moses Grant Mitchell, a widower with several children. They had at least one of their own: John Grant Mitchell (1838). Elizabeth died in 1865 survived by her husband.
1) Marshall Alexander Dye 1821OH-1906IN m.1st Lydia Gates +children, 2nd Anna Riker, 3rd Nancy Mock +children
2) Mary Jane Dye 1825-???? married John F McDonald. No known children.
3) Margaret Maria Dye 1827OH-1908 married Thomas Budd VanHorne +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No

Archibald Dye was born in Greene County, Pennsylvania on 5 February 1779. He married Margaret Meredith, the daughter of John Wheeler Meredith and his wife Elizabeth, on 27 April 1819. They settled in Tippecanoe, Indiana by 1830. They had 12 known children. Archibald died in Tippecanoe on 23 Sep 1851 and Margaret on 24 Mar 1864. They are buried at Sand Ridge Cemetery in West Lafayette, Tippecanoe, Indiana.
1) Eliza Dye 1820-1820 died during her infancy.
2) Maria Louisa Dye 1821-d.1860-80IN married Joseph H Louthain +children
3) Patrick Dye 1822-d. after 1850 was last noted living at home, 28 years old and single in Wabash, Tippecanoe, IN
4) Albert M Dye 1824OH-1911WI married Elizabeth Taylor +children
5) Frances Dye 1826OH-1891IN married Enoch L VanSant +children
6) William Alfred Dye 1827/8OH-1907WI married Julia Jacintha Fairchild +children
7) Horatio Phillips Dye 1829OH-1859OH married Margaret Ramsey +children
8) Martha Dye 1831IN-1917IN married William Penn Sovern +children
9) Cyrus Dye 1833IN-1924IA married Louisa Chamness +children
10) Margaret E Dye 1838IN-1895IN married Elias N George Corns. No children.
11) John E Dye 1843-1862 died in Mississippi during the Civil War at 19 years of age.
12) Elizabeth Dye 1849-d. after 1850 was last noted as a 1 year old on the 1850 census. Not living with mother in 1860.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No

Andrew Dye was born on 14 Sep 1800 in Greene County, Pennsylvania. He was living in Miami County, Ohio by 1820 when he appears on the census in Union. He married Catherine Bousman in Miami County, Ohio on 19 Sep 1820. They remained in the county and raised a family of 6 girls and 3 boys. Andrew died on 18 Oct 1857 and Katie on 11 Aug 1866.
1) Sarah Jane Dye 1822OH-1823OH died in infancy.
2) Phebe Dye 1824OH-1903OH married William Warren Volley Buchanan +children
3) Maryetta Dye 1826OH-1834OH died in childhood at 8 years of age.
4) Elizabeth Jane Dye 1829OH-1890OH married 1st Henry Stoltz +children, 2nd Samuel T Hahn +children
5) Leonard Dye 1832OH-1865NC drowned off the coast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. 500 lives lost.
6) Rebecca Shell Dye 1834OH-d. after 1910OH was last noted in Piqua, Miami, Ohio in 1910, unmarried milliner.
7) Andrew Dye 1837OH-1837OH died in infancy.
8) Sarah Catherine Dye 1839OH-1923OH married James Honeyman +children
9) William Minor Dye 1842OH-1928IA married Mary Angelina Patterson +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No

Rebecca Dye is listed in trees as daughter of Andrew Dye and Jane Guthrie with a DOB of 1802 in Greene County, PA. She was the third wife of James Schell (Shell). They married in Miami County, Ohio on 11 Dec 1828. They had 4 known children. James died in Wabash, Tippecanoe, Indiana on 11 Dec 1852. It is unknown whether Rebecca survived him. She was last noted in the 1850 census in Wabash.
1) Sarah Jane Schell 1831OH-1916IN married James Wainscot +children
2) Maria ‘Mary’ Schell 1836IN-1852IN died at 16 years of age.
3) Edward Alexander Schell (Shell) 1840IN-1924IN married 1st Eliza (MNU) +children, 2nd Margaret L Cummings
4) James L Schell 1843IN-d. after 1862 last noted in a Civil War military record

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No

Solomon Dye was born about 1804 in Greene County, Pennsylvania. He married Mary Juliet Shell in Miami County, Ohio on 14 August 1834. They settled in Tippecanoe County, Indiana by 1850.
1) Maranda V Dye 1835OH-1908IN married John Schell/Shell +children
2) James Solomon Dye c1836OH-1877IN married Catherine Coffman +children
3) Archibald Dye 1838IN-1911IN married Barbara Anna Simmons +children
4) Albert Dye c1844IN-???? was listed in the 1850 census of IN with his parents and siblings. No further data.
5) Martha Jane Dye 1847IN-1921IN married Elijah Gould +children
6) Ursula A Dye c1850IN-p1860 was listed with her parents and siblings in the 1850 and 1860 census of IN. No further data.
7) Minerva B Dye c1853IN-p1870 was last seen in the 1870 Wabash, Tippecanoe, IN census of 1870 working as a domestic servant at 17 years old.
8) Henrietta Dye c1856IN was listed as a 4-year old in the Wabash, Tippecanoe, IN census with her parents.
9) John Dye c1859IN was listed in the 1860 census with his parents. No further confirmable details

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No

Sarah was born on 18 March 1806 in Concord, Miami, Ohio. She married David Clark Jr on 28 Jan 1836. Their one known child was Nancy Jane Clark born in 1843. Sarah died at the age of 37 on 5 Oct 1843. David remarried in 1847 to Margaret Morrow with whom he had several children.
1) Nancy Jane Clark 1843OH-1916OH married Edward Wall +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No

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