2A-E: James Guthrie

James Guthrie 1739 Ireland – 1792 Pennsylvania, USA
of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, USA

Parents: Robert Guthrie c1700IRE-1782PA and Bridget Dougherty 1711IRE-1794PA
Birth: 1739
Birth Location: Northern Ireland
Occupation: Carpenter, Cabinetmaker and Tippling House Proprietor
Marriage: None Known
Death: About November 1792
Death Location: East Pennsboro, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, USA
Burial: Unknown, presumably in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, USA
James Guthrie came to America with his mother in 1745 about a year after his father and older brother arrived. The family was living in Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania when James grew from boyhood to manhood. Court Records list him both as juror and defendant. There is some question about the date of his death. Pittsburgh Mayor, George Guthrie, a descendant of the Branch E line, wrote in a letter to a cousin that James Guthrie was thought to have died in 1763. Yet there is still a traceable record of a James Guthrie living in Cumberland County, PA in the 1770s thru the 1790s. Letters of administration of the estate of James Guthrie, late of East Pennsboro Twp., were granted to James Bell on 12 Nov 1792, and an account filed on 11 Sep 1793.

Mistaken Identities:

  1. James Guthrie c1720IRE-1801NC (married Elizabeth MNU died after 1810).
    Residences: Ireland, Maryland, and Orange County, NC. Children to Tennessee and Kentucky.
    This man is not the son of Robert Guthrie and Bridget Dougherty. He is most definitely related to the same genetic line of Guthrie men, however never lived in Pennsylvania. Their most recent common ancestor would be back in Ireland. His family came directly from Ireland to Baltimore, MD. He and his family are also documented in North Carolina at a time R&B’s James Guthrie is a resident in Pennsylvania.
  2. James Guthrie c1715 SCT – 1774 Atlantic Ocean (married Elizabeth Dunlap d.1774 Atlantic Ocean)
    Residences: Scotland and Ireland. Children to Virginia and Kentucky.
    This man is not the son of Robert Guthrie and Bridget Dougherty. His father was also named James. He was part of the Rebellion of 1715 and sent his only son and heir, James, to Ireland where his brother was living in County Cork. James married Elizabeth Dunlap there and raised a family. In 1774 they sailed for Virginia leaving their only son, Adam with the uncle to remain as his heir. Both James and Elizabeth died at sea. Their family settled inVirginia. Adam reportedly was so distraught at the news of his mother’s death that his uncle sent him to his sisters. This James and Elizabeth are also often mistaken for the James and Elizabeth listed above, but they are two very distinct couples.