Given Names P thru T


Definition: Guthrie families without historical, documented, or genetic proof of a lineal relationship to an established Guthrie Family Group.

PETER GUTHRIE – County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Born about 1797 in Ireland
Died on 14 May 1888 in Pharis, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Spouse: Elizabeth Nicholson m. about 1840 in Ireland
Children: 7
Robert (1841), Alexander (1844), Daniel (1853), Samuel (1854), Hannah (1855), Mary Jane (18??), John (18??)
Family Finder / Autosomal DNA Kits:

Peter Guthrie/Elizabeth Nicholson > Daniel Guthrie/Jane Loughridge (GGP)

Note: Analysis of Kit B520716 shows 54% of matches to established Guthrie Family Groups to descendants of GFG2A. Kit results skew toward GFG2A, which includes several branches with Northern Ireland connections.

REBECCA GUTHRIE – of Northern Ireland & Virginia
Born about 1725 presumably in County Armagh, Northern Ireland
Died about 1800 in Virginia
Spouse: Thomas Nelson (1719-1789) m. about 1740s N. Ireland
Children: 6
Alexander (1749), John (17??), Thomas (17??), Jane (17??), Ellen (17??), Ann (17??)
Family Finder / Autosomal DNA Kits:
Kit B359212

Rebecca Guthrie/Thomas Nelson > Alexander Nelson/Elizabeth Ann Matthews > John Matthews Nelson/ Mary A Lewis Trimble > William Allen Nelson/Rebecca Margaret Kelly > Charles Quincey Nelson/Sallie Frances Morrow (GGP)

RICHARD GUTTRIDGE – of England & New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Born 26 August 1604 in Elmstone, Kent, England
Died 7 May 1676 in Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut
Spouse #1: Unknown (Presumed to exist due to DOB of two eldest children)
Children: 2
Rachel (1642), Lydia (1644)
Spouse #2: Dinah (MNU)
Children: 4
Bartholomew (1647), John (1650), Mary (1652), Elizabeth (1653)
Family Finder / Autosomal DNA Kits:
Kit 17810

Richard Guttridge/Dinah MNU > Lydia Guttridge/James Evarts > Mary Evarts/John B Munger Sr > John Munger Jr/Deborah French > Waitstill Munger/Lydia Kelsey > Lyman Munger/Elizabeth Coe > Betsey Munger/Samuel Massey > Frederick Massey/Sarah Ann Turner > Elizabeth Massey/Thomas Meredith (GGP)

ROBERT GUTHRIE – of Block Island, Rhode Island
Born in 1620s-30s Scotland, presumably
Died 3 December 1692 in Block Island, Washington, Rhode Island, USA
Spouse #1: Margaret Ireland
Children: None Known
Spouse #2: Anna Alcock (1650MA-1723MA) m. 5 Jun 1689 RI
widow of John Williams with whom she had 6 children
Children: 1
Catherine Guthrie (1690)
Family Finder / Autosomal DNA Kits:
Kit 251270

Robert Guthrie/Anna Alcock > Catherine Guthrie/John Sands II > Gideon Sands/Mary Sands > John Sands/Esther Palmer > Hester Ann Sands/Jeremiah Schureman > John F Schureman/Cornelia C Farrell > John F Schureman Jr/Mabel Evelin Whitcomb > Mabel J Schureman/Charles F McConnell (GGP)
Kit 350555
Robert Guthrie/Anna Alcock > Catherine Guthrie/John Sands II > Edward Sands/Hannah Tredwell > Ray Sands/Anna Niles > Anne Dickson Sands/John L Paine > Mary Ann Paine/Lyman Clark > Matilda Phebe Clark/Henry Gardner Jr (GGP)
Kit B6109
Robert Guthrie/Anna Alcock > Catherine Sands/John Sands II > John Sand III/Elizabeth Cornell > Richardson Sands/Lucretia Ledyard > William R Sands/Cicelia Saxton > Hampton Hank Sands/Susan Baldwin (GGP)
Kit B58915
Robert Guthrie/Anna Alcock > Catharine Guthrie/John Sands > Joshua Sands/Mary Smith > Elizabeth Sands/Samuel Wyatt > Nathaniel Wyatt/Amy Caverly > Mercy Wyatt/Hiram Rundell > Reuben Judson Rundell/Ruth D Melick (GGP)
Kit B170887
Robert Guthrie/Anna Alcock > Catherine Guthrie/John Sands > Nathaniel Sands/Mercy Sands > Sybil Sands/Benjamin Burling > Esther Burling/James Oldden > Mary Jane (Ann) Oldden/John George Simpson > Florence Perrine Simpson/Benjamin Prince Jr (GGP)
Kit B203487
Robert Guthrie/Anna Alcock > Edward Sands/Hannah Treadwell > ? Ray Sands/Ann Niles ? > Gideon Sands/Frances Hyde > Sarah Caroline Sands/Abraham Hutchings > William Hutchings/Margaret Jane Gallagher > Mary Emma Hutchings/Troy Snow Dugan (GGP)

Notes: There are a few theories about Robert Guthrie’s arrival in America including a start as a prisoner from the Battle of Dunbar or Worcester, sold by Cromwell, to the Lynn and Braintree Ironworks. He is noted to have come from Braintree in the first settlement of Block Island, RI in 1662, and at the time been a man of wealth and position. Due to his genetic distance from his living descendants, who all descend from one daughter, it is difficult to obtain confirmatory genetic matches to an established Guthrie Family Group.

ROBERT GUTHRIE – of Scotland and Somerset County, Pennsylvania
Born 1832-1835 in Scotland
Died on 24 October 1894 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, USA
Spouse: Elizabeth Martin (1841-1906) m. about 1860
Children: 7
Mary / Moiren (1861), Adia Elizabeth / Edith (1864), Ellen ‘Ella’ (1864), Robert (1869), Annie Elizabeth (1869), Jennie (1871), John W (1872)
Family Finder / Autosomal DNA Kits:
Kit (GS-Ancestry)

Robert Guthrie/Elizabeth Martin > Ellen ‘Ella’ Guthrie/Jacob Snyder (GGP)

ROBERT JAMES GUTHRIE – of Scotland, Ontario, and Missouri
Born 1839 in Scotland
Died after 1900 probably in Missouri
Spouse: Katherine Ann Broomfield (1844ONT-1914MO) m. abt 1860
Children: 7
Walter C (1864), Robert James (1860), Katherine Margaret (1869), Eliza (1873), William Broomfield (1873), Edgar Esselmont (1876), Isabelle (1877)
Ungrouped Y-DNA Kit:
Kit 42462

Robert James Guthrie/Katherine Ann Broomfield > Edgar Esselmont Guthrie/Bertha Ione Lillard (GGP) +more
Note: This kit is Haplogroup R-M269 and designated as a match for Niall of the Nine Hostages. Another Y-DNA test preferably from a descendant of one of Robert & Katherine’s other sons is needed to determine how far back the genetic mismatch goes in this line.

SAMUEL GUTHRIE – of County Donegal, Northern Ireland
Born 1780 Donegal, County Donegal, Northern Ireland
Died March 1835 in North Township, Harrison County, Ohio, USA
Spouse: Susanna Kimmel (1797-1854) m. 7 Feb 1819 in Cadiz, Harrison, OH
Children: 6
Mary Ann (1819), Fredrick Kimmel (1822), John Addison (1825), James (1827), Susannah (1829), Henry Charles (1832)
Family Finder / Autosomal DNA Kits:
Kit B3328

Samuel Guthrie/Susanna Kimmel > Henry Guthrie/Hanna Sherrette > No Further Lineage Info Provided

SAMUEL GUTHRIE – of North Carolina, Alabama & Texas|
Born about 1798 in North Carolina – Died June 1850 in Smith County, Texas
Spouse: Margaret Mathers (1803-1851) m. 4 Nov 1821 Jefferson County, AL
Children: 5
L (1823-son), William J (1825), Isaac Newton (1829), Lydia J (1830), James W (1833)
Family Finder / Autosomal DNA Kits:
Kit 326753

Samuel R Guthrie/Margaret J Mathers > L Guthrie/Mary Ann Calhoun > Elzie Calhoun Guthrie/Emily Jane Dodge > Colonel Elmer Guthrie/Lillie Isabella Ainsworth (GGP)

SAMUEL GUTHRIE – of Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Born 1809 – Died April 1889 Sheephill, Ballykelly, Londonderry, Ireland
Spouse: Margaret Wray (1810-1901) m. about 1840
Children: 8
William (1842), Nancy (1848), Jane (1849), Robert (1850), Margaret (1851), Sarah (1857), Samuel (1861), Isaac (1862)
Family Finder / Autosomal DNA Kits:
Kit 234658
Samuel Guthrie/Margaret Wray > Nancy Annie Guthrie/James Black (GGP)
Kit N7876
Samuel Guthrie/Margaret Wray > Nancy Annie Guthrie/James Black > Sarah Ann (Sadie) Black/Samuel Speers (GGP)

Notes: Based upon an assessment of the 1831 Census of Derry, Samuel’s father was probably named William Guthrie or Adam Guthrie. Considering that the name of his eldest son is William, it seems more likely that was also the name of his father.

SARAH GUTHRIE – of Cumberland, PA & Nelson, KY
Born about 1734 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Died about 1823 in Nelson County, Kentucky, USA
Spouse: Samuel Brown (1731-1799) m. about 1756
Children: 14
Nancy (1756), Nathaniel (1758), Samuel (1759), Jenet (1762), Mary (1764), Sarah (1766), Elizabeth (1768), John L (1769), Ruth (1770), Nancy (1772), Johnson (1772), Isabella (1774), Margaret (1776), Rebecca (1778)
Family Finder / Autosomal DNA Kits:
Kit B116020
Sarah Guthrie/Samuel Brown > James Brown/Elizabeth Samuels > Hugh B Brown/Nancy M Barnes > Lou Nettie Brown/Joseph Diffey > Nancy Elizabeth Diffey/David Franklin Taylor > Mary Josephine Taylor/Joel Jefferson Walker (GGP)
Kit B150881
Sarah Guthrie/Samuel Brown > James Brown/Elizabeth Samuels > Hugh B Brown/Nancy M Barnes > Lou Nettie Brown/Joseph Diffey > Nancy Elizabeth Diffey/David Franklin Taylor (GGP)
Kit B150901

Sarah Guthrie/Samuel Brown > James Brown/Elizabeth Samuels > Hugh B Brown/Nancy M Barnes > Lou Nettie Brown/Joseph Diffey > Nancy Elizabeth Diffey/David Franklin Taylor (GGP)

Notes: Cumberland County, Pennsylvania is a common location for GFG2A – Branch E: Descendants of Robert Guthrie & Bridget Dougherty, however their children born in the 1730s were born in N. Ireland and are fairly well documented. In addition to genetic matches to the Guthrie-Brown line, there are a few to GFG2A, but also to other Ungrouped Guthrie Families.

SYLVANIA ‘SYLVA’ GUTHRIE – Virginia / Alabama / Texas
Born about 1822 in Virginia, USA – Died after 1880 in Texas, USA
Spouse/s: Unknown
Children: 4 Known
George Guthrie (1835), J Adolphus (1850), John Guthrie (1852), James (1855)
Family Finder/Autosomal DNA Kits:
Kit B59169

Sylvania ‘Sylva’ Guthrie (Slave)*/Partner UNK > George Guthrie/Adeline Peacock > Dennis Hopkins Guthrie/Arrila Roberts (GGP)

Notes: Sylvania Guthrie was born into slavery in Virginia about 1822. Her descendants do not possess the Y-DNA of any established Guthrie Family Group, but the family acquired the use of the Guthrie surname, and chose to maintain it after emancipation. Sylva’s son George Guthrie was born in Alabama, and her younger sons in Texas. Based on the locations and other clues, I believe that Sylva and her family were brought to Texas by Rev. James Smith Guthrie & Lethe Burns. These slaves came into the family via inheritance from the Burns side. One of George’s freeborn sons is named Burns Guthrie. The 1850 Slave Schedules show James S Guthrie as the owner of Black Females ages 33 and 6, Black Males ages 13, 8, 4, and 2, and a Mulatto Male aged 6/12. Rev. Guthrie died in 1856. His wife predeceased him by 6 years. It is unclear what happened with Sylva’s family until 1870 when they are found living in Garden Valley, Smith, TX.

THOMAS GUTHRIE – of Berwick & Midlothian, Scotland
Born about 1762 in Scotland
Occupation: Cooper
Died: 5 Jan 1837 in St Cuthberts, Midlothian, Scotland
Spouse: Isabella Thornton (1774-1813)
Children: 2

Thomas (1801), Elizabeth (1802)
Family Finder / Autosomal DNA Kits:
Kit 523586

Thomas Guthrie/Isabella Thornton > Thomas Guthrie/Catherine Brown > William Guthrie/Mary Gowans > James Guthrie/Mary Shaw > Elizabeth Margaret Guthrie/George Mackinlay Mackay (GGP)

THOMAS GUTHRIE – of Berwick, Scotland & Cornwall, England
Born about 1766 in Hutton, Berwickshire, Scotland
Occupation: Weaver and Quarter Master Sergeant of Royal Fusiliers
Died about 1844 in England
Spouse: Amy Styles Sturtridge (1781-1871) in St Mary’s, Truro, Cornwall
Children: 6
Jane (1805), Petronell (1806), Amy (1809), Thomas (1814), Ann (1821), Elizabeth (1826)
Family Finder / Autosomal DNA Kits:
Kit 289235

Thomas Guthrie/Amy Styles Sturtridge >Thomas Guthrie/Ann Groves > Ann Guthrie/William Henry Hunter > Robert James Hunter/Flora Bellshaw (GGP)

THOMAS GUTHRIE – of Dromore, County Down, Ireland
Born about 1766 in Ireland
Died after 1799 presumably in Ireland
Spouse: Jane Henry m. before 1784 Dromore, County Down, Ireland
Children: 4
Elizabeth Jane (1785), Isabella (1787), Alice (1791), Mary (1799)
Family Finder / Autosomal DNA Kits
Kit B5484

Thomas Guthrie/Jane Henry > Mary Guthrie/James Ginn > Mary Ann Ginn/Wright Devitt > Isabella Devitt/George Reynolds (GGP)

THOMAS GUTHRIE – of Yorkshire, England
Born about 1771, presumably in England
Died in April, May, or June of 1846 in Hunslet, Yorkshire, West Riding, ENG
Spouse: Hannah Bradford (1771-1847) m. 8 Dec 1794 in St Peter, Leeds
Children: 5
William (1795), Thomas Gawthorpe (1880), Mary (1803), Ebenezer (1806), Elizabeth (1812)
Ungrouped Y-DNA Kit (+FF)
Kit 419428

Thomas Guthrie/Hannah Bradford > Ebenezer Guthrie/Mary Ann Land > George William Guthrie/Margaret J Morley (GGP) +more
Note: Haplogroup I-M223. Y67 test has only 1 match to man of the Dresser surname. Same surname found multiple times at the Y37 level to men with Y37 tests. Project needs another direct male descendant preferably from a different son of Thomas & Hannah for another Y-DNA test to determine how far back the genetic mismatch goes and to see if a match to one of the established Guthrie Family Groups can be found.

THOMAS YONER GUTHRIE – of Tennessee / Alabama
Born about 1803 in Tennessee
Occupation: House Carpenter
Died: Before 1880 in Madison County, Alabama
Spouse #1: Elizabeth Luttrell
Children: 5
John B (1836), William A (1839), George W (1839), Thomas Jefferson (1842), Richard B (1845)
Spouse #2: Emeline Markham
Children: 8

Virginia Ann (1850), Elizabeth (1852), Matthew James (1854), John Byron (1856), Andrew Jackson (1858), Robert Hall (1862), Washington (1863), Jim Henry (1866)
Family Finder / Autosomal DNA Kits:
Kit 364845

Thomas Yoner Guthrie/Emeline Markham > Jim Henry Guthrie/Mary M Butler > Joe Dauson Guthrie/Dorrie Gertrude Hames (GGP)
Kit N105961
Thomas Yoner Guthrie/Emeline Markham > Virginia Anne Guthire/James Bonds > Edward Zack Bonds/Pearl Teleda Luster > Luvernie Bonds/Henry W Johnson (GGP)

Notes: Thomas Guthrie was a house carpenter born in Tennessee. Census records show his middle initial as “Y”. I have not found a source with the full name “Yoner” as of yet. The closest genetic matches with Kit 364845 are to GFG2A-Branch K, which is from the SC/AL area.

THOMAS GUTTERIDGE – of Leicestershire, England
Born 16 Jun 1751 in Walton, Leicestershire, England
Died after 1796 probably in England
Spouse: Ann Hammonds m. 22 Dec 1782 Walton on the Wolds, Leicester
Children: 5
William (1783), Ann (1786), Elizabeth (1788), William (1794), John (1796)
Family Finder / Autosomal DNA Kits:
Kit B181323

Thomas Gutteridge/Ann Hammonds > John Gutteridge/Sarah Richardson > Elijah Gutteridge/Sarah Jane Clarke > Elijah Gutteridge/Clara Rawson > Sarah Gutteridge/Alfred Rainer (GGP) // RAY line does not appear to be that of Ann Guthrie/Archibald Rhea as listed in this person’s tree.