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Definition: Guthrie families without historical, documented, or genetic proof of a lineal relationship to an established Guthrie Family Group.

WALTER GUTHRIE – of Montrose, Angus, Scotland & Sweden
Born in 1579 in Montrose, Scotland
Died in Sweden
Spouse: Agneta Griege (1572-????) m. in Scotland
Children: 1 known
Jacobus (James) Waitheri (Walter) Guthrae (1602)
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Walter Guthrie b1579SCT-d.SWE > Jacobus (James) Waitheri (Walter) Guthrae > Margareta Gotraeus 1639-1675 (7xGGM)

Notes: Walter Guthrie was born in Montrose, Angus, Scotland. He was a merchant who settled in Stockholm, Sweden in 1614. They may have had other children. I have not successfully traced their line. Our participant is a Guthrie descendant from Sweden.

WILLIAM GUTHREY – of Kent, England
Born about 1730s-1750 (Rough Estimate) in England, presumably
Died 1784 in Greenwich, St Nicholas, Deptford, Kent, England
Spouse: Sarah Grant
Children: 1 Known

William (1770)
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William Guthrey d1784ENG > William Guthrey 1770ENG-1835ENG > John Guthrey 1817ENG-1877AUS (2xGGF)

WILLIAM GUTHRIE – of Middlesex County, Virginia
Born between 1686-1700, location unconfirmed, probably Virginia
Died 1781-1782 in Middlesex County, Virginia
Spouse #1: Lettice Burk (1693-1727) m. 24 Jan 1716 in Christchurch Parish, Middlesex County, Virginia
Children: 3
Elizabeth ‘Betty’ (1718), Ann (1722), Rachel (1723)
Spouse #2: Frances Wilbourn (1702-17??) m. 29 Nov 1728 in Christchurch Parish, Middlesex County, Virginia
Children: 9
Benjamin (1729), Mary (1730), William (1731), John (1735), Frances (1737), William (1740), Margaret (1742), Ann (1745), Samuel (1752)
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William Guthrie > Ann Guthrie 1745-17/18?? > Lucy Bristow 177?-1816
Kit 385320

William Guthrie > Elizabeth Guthrie 1718-1772 > Charles Chowning 1739-1817 (4xGGF)
Kit B4566
William Guthrie > Elizabeth Guthrie 1718-1772 > Charles Chowning 1739-1817 (5xGGF)

Notes: This is probably a GFG1A lineage. The connection to Christchurch Parish, Middlesex, VA makes a strong case. The project also has a match for GFG1A to the descendants of William Guthrie & Mary Magdalene Roarke. William is potentially the son of William Guthrie & Frances Wilbourn. To prove the generational connections we need a male Guthrie who directly descends from one of William’s other sons: Benjamin, John, or Samuel for comparative testing.

WILLIAM GUTHRIE – of Stillwater, Saratoga, New York, USA
Born 1720-1740s (Rough Estimate)
Died after 1767 presumably in New York
Spouse: Unknown
Children: 1 Known

Elizabeth (1767)
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William Guthrie > Elizabeth Guthrie > William Tomb

WILLIAM GUTHRIE – of Airlie, Angus, Scotland
Born 1730-1760s (Rough Estimate)
Died after 1802 probably in Scotland
Spouse: Isobel Glennie m. 5 June 1774 in Airlie, Angus, Scotland
Children: 11
Betty (1775), Kathrine (1777), George (1779), Isabel (1782), May (1784), John (1786), Helen (1789), James (1793), Jean (1795), William (1800), Mary (1802)
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William Guthrie > Jane Guthrie > George Ingram 1820-1897SCT (2xGGF)
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William Guthrie > Jane Guthrie > George Ingram 1820-1897SCT (2xGGF)
Kit B429125
William Guthrie > Jane Guthrie

WILLIAM GUTHRIE (Laborer) – of Perthshire, Scotland
Born about 1735 – Died about 1785 in Perthshire, Scotland
Spouse: Elspeth Nicol (1742-1777)
Children: 1 Known
William (1760)
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William Guthrie c1735SCT-c1785SCT > William Guthrie 1760SCT-1857SCT > Elizabeth Guthrie 1791SCT-1849SCT > William Edwards 1813SCT-1885SCT

WILLIAM GUTHRIE – of Ohio and Michigan
Possible Parents: Richard Guthrie & Mary Van Scoyoc
Born about 1837 in Ohio, USA
Died before 1870 presumably in Michigan, USA
Spouse: Sarah M Doty (1821-1904) m about 1853 presumably in Michigan
Children: 5
Alice (1854), Frederick (1860), Millie (1860), Tamar (1863), William (1864)
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Kit 336643
William Guthrie > Millie Guthrie (GGM)
Kit 411863
William Guthrie (GGF)
Kit V1590
William Guthrie > Millie Guthrie (GGM)

WILLIAM GUTHRIE – of Ireland / Pennsylvania / Ohio
Born on 20 June 1766 in Ireland
Died on 14 September 1848 in Poland, Trumbull (now Mahoning), Ohio
Spouse: Margaret Smith (1774-1849) m. before 1800 Lawrence County, PA
Children: 4
James Smith (1800), Elizabeth (1805), John (1809), Jane (18??)
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Kit B21068

William Guthrie 1766IRE-1848OH > James Smith Guthrie 1800PA-1885OH > Margaret Jane Guthrie 1828OH-1901KS (2xGGM)

WILLIAM GUTHRIE (Salmon Fisher) – of Rhynd, Perthshire, Scotland
Parents: John Guthrie (Weaver) & Margaret Mather
Born 31 Oct 1790 Abernethy, Perthshire, Scotland
Died 21 Jan 1863 in Frostyfold, Grange, Rhynd, Perthshire, Scotland
Spouse: Jeannie Christie
Children: 5
Thomas (1815), John (1817), William (1819), Margaret (1822), Thomas (1822)
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Kit 174197

John Guthrie > William Guthrie 1790SCT-1863SCT > (Remainder of lineage not provided)

Note: The Statutory Death Record for William Guthrie identifies his parents as John Guthrie and Margaret Mather.

WILLIAM GUTHRIE (Mason’s Laborer) – of Ayrshire, Scotland
12 July 1806 in Monkton, Ayrshire – 11 January 1864 in Pretwick, Ayrshire
Spouse #1: Helen Cunningham (1816-1851) m. 27 Dec 1833
Children: 5
Jean (1839), William (1840), Mary (1841), David (1843), Andrew (1845)
Spouse #2: Janet Dick (1831-1906) m. 21 May 1853
Children: 4
Robert (1854), Elizabeth (1856), Jessie (1858), Helen (1860)
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Kit B524020
William Guthrie 1806SCT-1864SCT > Mary Guthrie 1841SCT-1914SCT (2xGGM)

Notes: William Guthrie’s mother was named Jane Bone. She is also found listed as Jean or as Boner. William’s birth record lists him as the illegitimate son of Jane Bone and William Guthrie. However, his death record lists his father’s name as James Guthrie, cattle dealer.

WILLIAM C GUTHRIE – of Warren, NC / Wilson, TN
Born before 1776 – Died 14 November 1823 in Wilson County, TN
Spouse: Obedience Muckleroy m. 17 Mar 1784, possibly in Warren, NC
Children: 11
Henry (1785), John (1786), Rebeckah (1788), Sallie (1790), Abigail (1792), Thomas (1794), James (1796), Susanna (1798), William (1800), Daniel John (1803), Mary (1806)
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William C Guthrie d1823 > Daniel John Guthrie > Daniel John Guthrie (2xGGF) +mmore

Notes: The 1790 census lists this family in Warren County, North Carolina. William was a slave owner. They were in Hillsborough, Wake, NC in 1800. Their son John Guthrie married Chloe Babb in Wilson County, TN in 1816, so they were there by that time.

Born 28 February 1819 in Ohio, USA – Died 7 August 1844 Adams, Ohio, USA
Spouse: Katy Emeline Boyles m. 2 February 1839 in Adams, Ohio, USA
Children: 4
David James (1840), Martha Jane (1841), Thomas Franklin (1843), William Boyles (1844)
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Kit B543418

William Guthrie 1819-1844OH > Thomas Franklin Guthrie 1843OH-1911OH (2xGGF)

WILLIAM LESLIE GUTHRIE – of Virginia & Arkansas
Born on 20 September 1820 in Virginia, USA
Died 21 January 1865 in Prairie View, Johnson County, Arkansas, USA
Spouse: Irma Margaret ‘Peggy’ Cravens (1828-1910) m. about 1851 AR
Children: 4
Walter M (1852), Sarah Frances (1855), Jesse Lamb (1859), Jeremiah M (1863)
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Kit B418366

William Leslie Guthrie 1820VA-1865AR > Jessie Lamb Guthrie 1859AR-1901AR (GGF)

WILLIAM M GUTHRIE – of South Carolina & Tennessee
Born 9 February 1812 in South Carolina, USA, possibly in Spartanburg
Died 6 August 1883 in Greene County, Tennessee, USA
Spouse: Clementine Thomas (1816-18893) m. 30 Mar 1833 in SC
Children: 7

Martha (1834), Nancy (1835), Miriam (1839), Martin Luther (1843), Missouri Adeline (1845), William Thomas (1847), Lucinda (1849)
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William M Guthrie 1812SC-1883TN > Martin Luther Guthrie 1843-1921 (2xGGF)

Notes: William M Guthrie is designated as a Thickety Creek Guthrie. He is found living in that region with other Guthrie families which are likely related. He was the administrator of the Frederick Guthrie estate. Frederick was born in 1763, so William could potentially be the youngest son of the family.