Ann’s Ancestors & Guthrie Research Tree

What’s In This Tree?

My tree contains all of my personal genealogy research related to my own family lineages, so there are plenty of people that you won’t need to know about. I am listed as the Home Person in case you want to review my Guthrie ancestry, which is associated with Guthrie Family Group 2A.

All lineages associated with 700+ members of the Guthrie DNA Project are also in the tree. Naturally, living individuals are privatized. These lineages are attached to their associated Guthrie Family Groups, if applicable.

There are also hundreds of other Guthrie family lineages designated in an Ungrouped Guthrie Family status. These are differentiated by country of earliest known residence. The section for Scotland is presented by region with data pulled from the National Archives of Scotland at the Scotland’s People website.

Our Growing List of Countries

If you’re looking for someone specific, it is often best to search for the spouse’s name rather than the Guthrie.

Some lineages contain bare bones info and remain in a data collection phase. Others have been thoroughly researched and the galleries may be full of original and other scanned documents.

There are numerous Family Trees online with conflicting and erroneous information, especially in cases of mistaken identity due to similar names.

You will see the following ICONS used in my tree:


CLICK HERE: Guthrie DNA Project Family Groups

Ancestry members can search for my Username in the Member Directory: AnnGU3.

Non-Members can request an Ancestry invitation to view my tree.
Contact me.

If you still don’t have access let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll see if I have any data to share.

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