E: Robert Guthrie & Bridget Dougherty

Robert Guthrie c1700IRE – 1782PA & Bridget Dougherty
of Londonderry, Northern Ireland & Pennsylvania, USA

Origin Theories
The Family of Robert Guthrie & Bridget Dougherty
Historical Highlights
Mistaken Identities
The Guthrie DNA Project


The overall Origin Theory for GFG2A is that they descend from the GUTHRIES of PITFORTHIE. All of the Laird’s sons were men of religion, only one of whom did not become an ordained minister. GFG2A-Branch G’s story indicates a relationship with this line of men, but not the exact connection. If true, the Pitforthie link could apply to all of the group’s branches, or only some of them if the overall common ancestor is further back.

The progenitors of three branches of Guthrie Family Group 2A possess signs of inherited genetic changes indicating a close shared ancestry. They were most likely brothers. James Guthrie (A), Robert Guthrie (E), & John Guthrie (H) are believed to be the sons of JOHN GUTHRIE & JANE STUART.

This couple’s origin story is directly connected to John Guthrie’s Branch H line, and so is extended to Branches A and E. John Guthrie was reportedly a SCOTTISH COVENANTER who was forced to flee to Ireland due to religious persecution. Theoretically, he could be a son or grandson of the LAIRD of PITFORTHIE, which fits both G and H’s origin stories. Jane Stuart was said to be an Irish descendant of the ROYAL HOUSE of STUART. As far as I can tell, there is no documentation on either John Guthrie or Jane Stuart’s existence in Londonderry, but the YDNA supports the close ties between these three branches.

Time will tell if an historical or genetic connection can be made to prove the ties between GFG2A and the Guthries of Pitforthie and to the Guthrie-Stuart line of Londonderry, Northern Ireland.


Parents: John Guthrie & Jane Stuart (Theory)
Born: c1700
Location: Northern Ireland, probably near Londonderry
Marriage: Bridget Dougherty in 1736 Donegal, Ireland
Occupation: Carpenter and Tavern Keeper
Death: 1782
Location: Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA
Burial: Unknown, presumably in Carlisle

Parents: Owen Dougherty
Born: 1711
Location: Cardonaugh, Donegal, Ireland
Sons: Robert, James, John, George
Daughters: Jane, Margaret
Death: 1794
Location: Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA
Burial: Unknown, presumably in Carlisle



Robert Guthrie was born in Northern Ireland in 1737. He came to America with his father between 1740-1744 prior to his mother and younger siblings making the journey. These Guthries were a boisterous bunch frequently showing up in assault and battery cases either as assailant or victim. His marriage to Agnes Gordon, daughter of James Gordon of West Pennsboro, Washington County, PA, took place about 1760. He was a joiner (carpenter and cabinetmaker). In 1767, Robert applied for 300 acres of land in West Pennsborogh Twp in Cumberland County. He sold the property in 1779. By 1781 they had moved to Cecil Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania where he received a land warrant for 366-1/2 acres called ‘Waterford’. This property later came into Charters Township upon its creation in 1790. Robert died in Chartiers in January of 1808. His estate was administrated there in 1809.

Children: 9
Sons: James, William, Robert, Joseph
Daughters: Martha, Mary ‘Polly’, Jean, Elizabeth, Isabel

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Family Finder Participants: Yes

Note: Autosomal DNA Matches with site coordinator who is GFG2A-BranchA


James Guthrie was born in Northern Ireland around 1739. His father and older brother Robert Guthrie made their way to America before James and his mother followed within a few years. Like his father and brother, James was a carpenter and cabinetmaker. He lived in Carlisle during his 20s. He reportedly married a woman named Margaret Brown, but no supporting documentation has been found. He did have 1 known son, Robert D Guthrie, born c1765, who was a clockmaker, watchmaker, and silversmith. James moved to East Pennsboro, Cumberland, PA by 1778 when he was listed as a freeman in tax records. James Guthrie’s estate was administrated in East Pennsboro in 1792 by James Bell.

Children: 1
Sons: Robert D
Daughters: None

Note: James Guthrie is frequently misidentified with my ancestor from Branch A who lived in MD and NC. They are not the same person. This man lived and died in Cumberland County, PA. My James was most likely this one’s uncle.


These are approximated DOB/DOB for Jane Guthrie who died in childhood prior to the family moving to America.


John Guthrie was the first American-born Guthrie of this line. He was born on 11 Jan 1749 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. His baptism occurred there on 12 Jan 1750. The family had moved to Carlisle, Cumberland, PA around 1750, so not long after John’s birth. He married Sarah Ann Davis about 1775 and owned a house and lot in Carlisle. John served as a captain of militia, 1st Battalion, Washington, PA. Like his father and brothers before him, John was involved in various ‘misdeeds’ that show up in the local court records. He died in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA on 12 Aug 1832 and is buried in the First Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

Children: 8
Sons: Robert, James Verner, John
Daughters: Margaret, Prudentialis, Sarah, Eleanor, Helen, John


George Guthrie was most likely born in Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania. He married Margaret Campbell sometime in the 1770s. They lived in West Pennsboro for a number of years before moving to Huntingdon. Papers of the War Department list George Guthrie as a member of the 4th Regiment of Dragoons. He died in Hollidaysburg, Blair, PA in October of 1813.

Children: 5
Sons: William Campbell, James
Daughters: Sarah, Jane, (Unknown)

Note: This man should not be confused with George Nelson Guthrie (GFG11) who immigrated to NJ from Ireland, and whose progeny settled in NY.


Margaret Guthrie was born on 6 May 1753 in Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania. She married George Brown about 1774, possibly of the same family as Margaret Brown who is the reported wife of her brother James. The George Brown household was enumerated in the 1790 census with 1M 16 and over, 2M under 16, and 3 females. Margaret died in 1795.

Children: Probably 4
Brown Sons: Probably 2
Brown Daughters Probably 2


The earliest information on Robert Guthrie & Bridget Dougherty is documented in ‘Records of the Guthrie Family of Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Virginia,’ by Harriett Nancy Dunn and Eveline Guthrie Dunn, a collective work first published in 1898. Their source was George Wilkins Guthrie, a great-great-great grandson of R&B, an attorney and one-time Mayor of Pittsburgh.

“In 1872, Uncle James Guthrie sent to my father (John B. Guthrie), a paper in the hand-writing of his grand-father, John Guthrie, and it was indorsed in the hand-writing of his father, James Verner Guthrie, showing the descent of the Guthrie family from one Robert Guthrie, who was born in the City of Derry, Ireland. In his letter Uncle James said, ” There was another letter or record containing the Scotch Guthrie branch back to 1702 in Scotland, before leaving for Ireland, but I cannot find it, which I very much regret.” The paper which I have is in the hand-writing of John Guthrie, our great grand-father, and endorsed in the hand-writing of James Verner Guthrie, our grandfather, and dated 1807. It begins with Owen Dougherty, of Cardonough, County Donegal, Ireland, who is said to have been engaged in the wars; to have been blind for fifteen years, and then to have recovered his sight, and to have died at the age of 120 years. He left two sons, (1) Edward, commonly called ” Eman Mone,” on account of his remarkable size and strength, and (2) John, and four daughters, (1) Rose, (2) Bridget, (3) Sarah, and (4) Mary. Bridget Dougherty was born in Donegal, Cardonaugh County, in 1711. She married Robert Guthrie in 1736. Their first son, Robert, was born in 1737; their second son, James, in 1739; and a daughter, Jane, in 1741 (the daughter died when she was three years of age). Robert Guthrie, born perhaps 1700, even earlier, and his son, Robert, came to America in 1744, and were followed by his wife and son, James, in 1745. They settled and lived for three or four years in Philadelphia, and from there removed to Lancaster, Pa., where John Guthrie was born Jan. 11, 1749. When John was a year old they moved to Carlisle, Pa., and there they had a daughter, Margaret, who was born May 6, 1753.”
{Dunn, p.103 History of the Descendants of Robert Guthrie, by Mrs Martha Guthrie Doughty Lyster.}

Robert Guthrie is potentially a son of John Guthrie and Jane Stuart of the Londonderry area of Northern Ireland. These are the parents named for John Guthrie (b.1708). Genetic testing of descendants shows a likely close familial match between James Guthrie (Branch A), Robert Guthrie (Branch E) and John Guthrie (Branch H).

Robert Guthrie was born about 1700. This date is probably a rough estimate and may likely be 10-15 years too early. To my knowledge, none of the documents naming Robert Guthrie include his age. His estimated DOM in 1736 would make him about 36 at the time. More commonly, if he was 20-30 at the time of his marriage, an estimated DOB range would be 1706-1716.

Bridget was born in 1711 in Cardonaugh, Donegal, Ireland. Her father was Owen Dougherty. Mother unknown. Bridget’s birth date is also based on secondary sources listed above rather than an original source. All of the Ancestry trees I have seen online have the same date. 

The date is listed in the Dunn book and by LRG. Consequently, all of the online trees have the date as well. No original sources found to date. This is the year before the birth of the eldest known child.

Born in Ireland & came to America with his parents. Lived in Carlisle, Cumberland, PA. Learned the clock maker & carpentry trade of his father. Married Agnes Gordon. They had a large family that included 4 sons and 5 daughters.

Born in Ireland & came to America with his parents. Lived in Carlisle, Cumberland, PA. Learned the clock maker & carpentry trade of his father. Married Margaret Brown, the daughter of Robert & Martha Brown. James & Margaret are reported to be the parents of Robert D. Guthrie, born in 1765, who was a clockmaker, carpenter, and silversmith. As far as I can tell, none of Robert D. Guthrie’s 4 sons had any male children, so there is no possibility of comparative DNA testing for this lineage. James Guthrie died in 1792 in East Pennsboro, Cumberland, PA.

Note: The Dunn & Dunn book excludes James’ marriage completely and indicates that his death occurred in 1763.

Jane Guthrie was born in Ireland about 1741. She died about 1744 of unknown causes.

The story goes that Robert and his son Robert Jr came to America first, with Bridget and son James following in 1745. Bridget’s pregnancy in 1741 might have been one reason to delay a trip, or it could be that Robert wanted to get settled first. The family reportedly spent 3-4 years in Philadelphia before moving to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and then to Carlisle.

John Guthrie was the first American-born child from this branch of the family. He was born on 11 Jan 1879 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He married Sarah Davis. They had 3 sons and 5 daughters. He died in Pittsburgh on 12 August 1832 and is buried in the First Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

“Took neither to his father’s carpenter shop, nor to books, but to the forests and streams of his native land.  He was a frontiersman, expert with a rifle, an Indian fighter, a soldier, and an officer in the Revolutionary War.  It is difficult to tell exactly what all his military service were, but from various accounts, traditions and records the attem[t is here made to give a coherent, chronological statement of heroic and notable career in the defense of his country.

As a frontiersman John Guthrie was well acquainted with and in all western settlements and during the Revolution was absent on long campaigns, but Carlisle remained his official home for many years. He was taxed at his home from 1779 forward.  On the list of 1782 he was styled as a butcher but this seems to have been a temporary employment.  He was prominent politically and was amember of a commission connected with the boundary dispute between Pennsylvania and Maryland.  This accounts for the presence of his family in Annapolis, where one of his children was born.  He was living in Carlisle in 1790 but soon afterward sold his property there and removed to Unity Township, Westmoreland County.  Though not wealthy, he seems to have prospered in Westmoreland and to have been fairly well to do.  Prior to 1797 he removed with his family to Meadville, PA.  During the last years of his life he lived with one of his children in Lexington, KY and one in Pittsburgh, PA  He was buried with military honors in the cemetery of the First Presbyterian Church.”

Pittsburgh Gazette – Friday 17 Aug 1832
Capt. John Guthrie.

“Capt.John Guthrie died Sunday last 5 o”clock am.John Guthrie of this city,a soldier of the Revolution. He was born in Lancaster Pa 1/11/1749, volunteered as a soldier under General Armstrong from Carlisle in 1774 and again under General Lacey 1776, continued battling against the country’s foes until 1779, when his wounds compelled him to leave the service. He invariably sustained the character of a brave soldier and honest man. On Sunday evening his remains were followed to the grave by a large concourse of citizens, and a hundred by up wards of 150 members of the volunteer corps of the city.”

Among the descendants of John Guthrie & Sarah Ann Davis are two Mayors of Pittsburgh.

23 Dec 1749. D-20. To Robert Guttry who rel to John Wilson. 5 Oct 1752I-151: To Robert Guthrie of Lanc. 14/E side Duke St: Garrard Cavenaugh, James Smith. 23 Dec 1749. W30, W2, J8. 13 Dec 1784. 

Same day as above. 23 Dec 1749. I-151: To Gerrard Cavenaugh of Lanc. 14/E side Duke St: Robert Guttery. 23 Dec 1749 W1, W107, J43. 18 Apr 1765. 

After spending 3-4 years in Philadelphia, the Guthrie family moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and then to Carlisle. “The Horourable Proprietaries by an instrument dated 1750 did grant unto Robert Guthrie, the elder, a certain lot of ground on the south side of Pomfret Street, of Carlisle, PA, known as No. 290.”  The Guthrie family is listed as original landowners in Carlisle for 6 lots. 5 are located in the SW section town. 4 are on Pomfret Street between Bedford & East Streets. 1 is on South Street between Bedford & East Streets. The 6th lot is located in the SE section of town on Lowther Street between Bedford & East Streets.

Plan of Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania

George was born in Carlisle in c1751. The Find-a-Grave site lists his DOB as 1746. Online trees list his middle name as ‘Nelson’, but a closer look reveals that George Nelson Guthrie was a different man. George, son of Robert & Bridget, married Margaret Campbell. He died between October – November of 1813 in Hollidaysburg, Blair, Pennsylvania. George & Margaret had several children, including 2 known sons. Their great-great grandson, Rev. Laurence Rawlin Guthrie, was the author of “American Guthrie and Allied Families.”

Gaysport, Blair County, PA
Photo Credit: Kathie Weigel
Author of ‘American Guthrie and Allied Families
Great-great grandson of George & Margaret (Campbell) Guthrie

21 July 1751. Bridgett Guttry (of Carlisle), Assault & Battery on Robert Kirkpatrick 

15 Oct 1752. Robert Guthrie was indicted for keeping a tippling house (a tavern) without a license 

Robert Guthrie – Carlisle


Margaret was born on 6 May 1753 in Carlisle. She married George Brown. 

1757: FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH of CARLISLE, PA ESTABLISHEDA possible place of worship for these Guthries, the First Presbyterian Church was established in town soon after they moved to Carlisle.
“Our heritage goes back to 1734, when a large settlement of sturdy, God-fearing Scots-Irish from Lancaster County established a Presbyterian Church at Meeting House Springs, located on the Conodoguinet Creek about two miles west of the Carlisle Public Square.

The first minister was installed there in 1739 and preached from a crude pulpit in a one-room log church. Eventually, Meeting House Springs proved to be too far removed from the new county seat of Carlisle, established in 1751, so the congregation moved to town in 1757 and subsequently built the edifice in which we worship today. Behind the old stone walls at Meeting House Springs endures what is left of our earliest heritage, an old church graveyard with stones that date back to 1744 – the oldest anywhere in Cumberland Valley.

At the new meeting house in Carlisle, the doors of the sanctuary faced south, and the pulpit was situated at the north side between two arched windows. It was a high pulpit with stairs leading up to it, a sounding board over it and a desk for the clerk in front of it. Worshipers furnished their own benches before pews were installed and could bring their own foot warmers, since there was no heat. A south balcony was added in 1785.” {SOURCE} The Church Archives are housed at Dickinson College.

April 28 1761. James Stackpole, assault & battery against Robert Guthrie the elder 

April 1761. Riot. Robert Guthery Senr and Jr among those ordered to pay fines of 2sh 6p each 


5 March 1764. James Alcorn & Barbara his wife, spinster & Robert Whinney to answer to Robert Guthry Sr 

Guthry, Robert 2 Lots free 

The King v. Thomas Kempleton. Felony. Jury includes “Robert Guttery”. No indication of Sr or Jr.

The King vs James Gullery. Indictment for keeping a tippling house (tavern) without a license. Jury included “Robert Guttery”. No indication if it was Sr or Jr.

Guthry, Robert 2cows, 2 Lots 

Lot #266 Robert Guthrie listed as original owner. 1770 Property was sheriffed and sold to James Stackpole for L10, 10 shillings. House. (S. D. A-4)

27 Apr 1771. Property of Robert Guthrie Sr sheriffed and sold to James Stackpole for L8. (Lot # 299) Log house. (S.D. A-17)

31 Mar 1772. Robert Guthrie and Bridget his wife are threatening to assault James Stackpole 

31 Mar 1772. Robert Guthrey of Carlisle said James Stackpole forcibly entered his lot and pulled & broke down part of a pailed fence on the lot

April 1772. Entry may be in association with case of King v. Thomas Martin. “Upon application of Robert Guthrie Senr to the court his is discharged from his bail.”

It is thought that both Robert Guthrie and his wife, Bridget, were buried in the old cemetery one block south and about a block west of where they lived in Carlisle.



According to descendant George Wilkins Guthrie (Mayor of Pittsburgh, c1906-1909) the Guthrie of this family were living in Scotland around the turn of the 16th Century. The exact lineage between then and the generation of his ancestor Robert Guthrie was lost, but it is possible that YDNA testing has revealed the identity of his brothers and once again picked up the ancestral trail.

The genetic clues reveal that the progenitors of Branches A (James Guthrie), E (Robert Guthrie), and H (John Guthrie) are most likely brothers. The origin story for John Guthrie reveals that his parents were John Guthrie & Jane Stuart, which would imply they are also Robert & James’ parents, too. This is unproven, but the DNA is sound. Descendants all share a genetic mutation unique to these three lineages within GFG2A. The progenitors inherited that marker from a common ancestor, and considering the estimated DOB and locations, it is appropriate to hypothesize that person to be their father.

Genetics and the Londonderry location also reveal ties to GFG2A-Branch G whose origin stories tie them to the Guthries of Pitforthie. Whether or not this is correct may be difficult to discover due to the dismal lack of a paper trail, traceable lineages, or any sign of a living male descendant from the direct Guthrie line to participate in YDNA testing. There are 1 or 2 female lines that can be traced, so our only hope in that regard may be to find enough qualified descendants for Autosomal DNA testing.

Whatever the family history, Robert Guthrie made his way to Philadelphia in the early 1740s bringing with him his eldest son. It was presumably his intention to find work and settle before bringing his wife Bridget, and younger children, James and Jane, across the Atlantic. Daughter Jane died of unknown causes before Bridget and James made the trip in 1745.

They lived in Philadelphia for three or four years before removing to Lancaster County, where son John Guthrie was born, and by 1750 had settled in Carlisle, Cumberland, PA. Two more children were born to the family: George and Margaret.

Robert worked as a carpenter and tavern keeper. It seems that he had a contentious relationship with some of his neighbors, and in the case of James Stackpole, it appears to be a personal feud lasting over a decade.

It is said that Robert Guthrie was the organizer of the Carpenter’s Guild of Carlisle, famed as the predecessor of the American trade union.

Robert died in Carlisle in 1782. Bridget lived until 1794. They are believed to be buried in a local cemetery near Carlisle.


Two of Robert & Bridget’s sons are frequently misidentified in family trees.

Son James Guthrie, a carpenter/cabinet maker who lived in Cumberland County, PA and died there in either 1763 or 1792 is frequently mistaken for a man more likely to be his uncle, James Guthrie of GFG2A-Branch A. That man was already living in Orange County, NC during years James was still noted to be in Pennsylvania. They are not the same person.

Son George Guthrie who died in 1813 Hollidaysburg, Blair, PA is frequently mistaken for George Nelson Guthrie who was born about the same year.


Guthrie Family Group: GFG2A
Group Designation: Branch E – Cluster 5 (Guthrie-Stuart)

Haplogroup: R-M269
Confirmed Haplogroup: R-Z30233

Y-DNA Matches: 3

Kit 102475
Robert Guthrie/Bridget Dougherty > Robert Guthrie/Agnes Gordon > James Guthrie/Sarah Dunlap > John Guthrie/Lillian Paxton > Andrew Paxton Guthrie/Ann McCormick > William Guthrie/Harriet Elvira Howell (GGP) +more

Kit 177276 (+FF)
Robert Guthrie/Bridget Dougherty > Robert Guthrie/Agnes Gordon > Robert Guthrie/Sarah Leatherman > William Richard Guthrie/Tabitha Jane Hawk (GGP) +more

Kit 214109 (+FF)
Robert Guthrie/Bridget Dougherty > George Guthrie/Margaret Campbell > William Campbell Guthrie/Mary Ann Lybarger > Samuel Guthrie/Ctherine Minear > George Washington Guthrie/Mary Alice Veatch (GGP)

Family Finder / Autosomal DNA Kits:  11

Kit 102783
Robert Guthrie/Bridget Dougherty > John Guthrie/Sarah Ann Davis > James Verner Guthrie/Martha Brandon > Martha Brandon Guthrie/William Doughty > James K Doughty/Wilhelmine C M Brott > Elizabeth Frey Doughty/Henry G Venemann (GGP)

Kit 322193
Robert Guthrie/Bridget Dougherty > John Guthrie/Sarah Ann Davis > James Verner Guthrie/Martha Brandon > Martha Brandon Guthrie/William Doughty > James K Doughty/Wilhelmine C M Brott (GGP)

Kit 327189
Robert Guthrie/Bridget Dougherty > John Guthrie/Sarah Ann Davis > James Verner Guthrie/Martha Brandon > Martha Brandon Guthrie/William Doughty > James K Doughty/Wilhelmine C M Brott (GGP)

Kit 596820
Robert Guthrie/Bridget Dougherty > Robert Guthrie/Agnes Gordon > Robert Guthrie/Margaret Wilson > Thomas Guthrie/Mary Magdalene Custer > Margaret Jane Guthrie/Henry S Fischer (2xGGP)

Kit 797465
Robert Guthrie/Bridget Dougherty > Robert Guthrie/Agnes Gordon > Joseph Guthrie/Jane Wilson > William Guthrie/Mary Jane Caldwell > Edward Madison Guthrie/Lucinda Mariah Thacker (GGP) +more

Kit 873332
Robert Guthrie/Bridget Dougherty > George Guthrie/Margaret Campbell > William Campbell Guthrie/Mary Ann Lybarger > John William Guthrie/Mary Howard > Charles William Guthrie/Elva Ione Conner (GGP)

Kit 919190
Robert Guthrie/Bridget Dougherty > George Guthrie/Margaret Campbell > William Campbell Guthrie/Mary Ann Lybarger > Samuel Guthrie/Catharine Minear > John Wesley Guthrie/Zeruiah Louisa Rullman > Wayne Elliott Guthrie/Pearl Lain (GGP)

Kit B16396
Robert Guthrie/Bridget Dougherty > Robert Guthrie/Agnes Gordon > Joseph Guthrie/Jane Wilson > Janet M Guthrie/Thomas Wilson > Elizabeth Wilson/David Glenn Thompson > John Paul Thompson/Mabel A Ransdell > Hazel M Thompson/Samuel M Henderson (GGP)

Kit B259220
Robert Guthrie/Bridget Dougherty > Robert Guthrie/Agnes Gordon > Joseph Guthrie/Jane Wilson > Janet M Guthrie/Thomas Wilson > Elizabeth Wilson/David Glenn Thompson (GGP)

Kit B390486
Robert Guthrie/Bridget Dougherty > Robert Guthrie/Agnes Gordon > Joseph Guthrie/Jane Wilson > William Guthrie/Mary Jane Caldwell > Harvey Joseph Guthrie/Effie May Johnson (GGP)

Kit B565791
Robert Guthrie/Bridget Dougherty > George Guthrie/Margaret Campbell > William Campbell Guthrie/Mary Ann Lybarger > Samuel Guthrie/Catharine Minear > John Wesley Guthrie/Zeruiah Louisa Rullman (GGP)

Robert Guthrie had 4 sons: Robert, James, John, George.
Participants in the Y-DNA Project represent sons Robert and George.
All Branch E participants match the genetic profile for GFG2A.

Cluster 5 (Guthrie-Stuart) is a project designation.
Branches A, E, and H share a genetic mutation at DYS534=14 (Group Mode=15).
This shared mutation shows a Pattern of Inheritance and suggest closer familial ties than with the overall group. Because all three branch progenitors are from Ireland or specifically the Londonderry area of Northern Ireland and have birthdates within the space of a generation it is possible that they are brothers having inherited the unique mutation from their father.

Note: Two descendants of son John’s line has an autosomal DNA match with the site coordinator, who descends from GFG2A-Branch A.


  1. Question, I’m reading “ ROBERT GUTHRIE
    Parents: John Guthrie & Jane Stuart (Theory). Yet when I first open the Guthrie Book linked here to Google Play, on page 3, I see this:

    “James Guthrie was described by Oliver Cromwell as “ The short man that would not bow . ” Chambers in his “ History of Eminent Scotsmen , ” says : “ James Guthrie , the Martyr , one of the most zealous of the protesters as they were called during the religious troubles of the seventeenth century , was the son of the Laird of Guthrie . He became teacher of philosophy , and was much esteemed , as well for the equanimity of his temper as for his erudition , “ He was minister at Stirling and executed on account of his writings in Edinburgh June 1 , 1661. ” On account of the religious persecutions under which the family suffered , James , John and Robert Guthrie decided to leave Edinburgh and seek security and repose in the New World.”

    This appears to imply James the Martyr is indeed, the father of James, John and Robert of Edinburgh, does it not?

    This book is quite confusing once it gets to each the brothers and their descendants an must be carefully read to learn of its teachings.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re right. This book is indeed confusing. Unfortunately, the author managed to mangle history by merging two unrelated Guthrie stories. James Guthrie, Minister of Sterling died on 1 June 1661. The implication that James, John, and Robert Guthrie were his sons is wrong. Their own origin stories, published in a couple of places in the late 1800s, and in ‘American Guthrie’ are a bit open to interpretation as to how their family fits together. Although we don’t have exact DOB for either of them, calculations estimate the ranges to be John 1640-1660, Robert was born 1671-1691, James 1691-1711. John is also credited with son John, born in CT in 1700, who married Abigail Coe in 1727, but also 3 other unidentified sons. Based on the birth range calculations, it seems likely that the Robert and James of the origin stories were actually more likely to be brothers to the younger John Guthrie than the elder. That particular theory is a whole different discussion. The senior John Guthrie is the only one of the three men who would have been living at the time James Guthrie, Minister of Sterling, was martyred. Rev Guthrie was married to Jean Ramsey, who survived him. They are known to have had 1 son, William (1656-1674) who died at university before he could be licensed as a minister, and 1 daughter, Sophia, whose ultimate fate remains unknown. Mrs Guthrie was banished to the Shetlands after being arrested and held prisoner in the Tollbooth in 1666.


  2. Thank you for this and the photos. I see my grandfather (born in 1901) in the photo of John B Guthrie. The white hair with the thick black eyebrows. I love seeing a family resemblance. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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