This is a small group with two American lines and an Australian line. Presumably, their most recent common ancestor is from Scotland, potentially in Ayrshire. The ancient DNA profile reveals haplogroup matches in Scotland, England, Norway, and Sweden.



Alfred Bertram ‘Bud’ Guthrie aka A.B. Guthrie (13 Jan 1901 – 26 Apr 1991). An American novelist, screenwriter, historian and literary historian, A.B. Guthrie won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction during 1950 for his novel ‘The Way West’. He was born in Bedford, Indiana, but relocated with his parents to Montana. The family had nine children, but most died as infants. Only three survived to adulthood. Bud is a descendant of Daniel Guthrie and Jane Flinn. (Source: Wikipedia) 


  • Descendants of John Guthrie c1766SCT & Betty Logan
  • Descendants of Daniel Guthrie c1737PA-1826IN & Jane Flinn
  • Descendants of William Guthery c1809VA-1866AR & Elizabeth Copeland

John Guthrie was born in Ayrshire, Scotland about 1766 and married Betty Logan. They had at least 4 children: Margaret & Agnes (1786 – Twins), Betty (1788) and Charles (1789-1840). Charles was married twice, first to Mary Miller with whom he had several children, and second to Agnes Smith, with whom he had one son. Charles and Mary’s son, Hugh Miller Guthrie emigrated from Ayrshire, Scotland to Tasmania, Australia in the 1840s-1850s. Our participant of this lineage is an Australian Guthrie.

Many online trees list the parents of Daniel Guthrie as William Guthrie & Nancy Bussell, although I have yet to find an original source for the data. Daniel Guthrie, Sr was born about 1737 in Pennsylvania and served in the French and Indian War and in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. Data reveals the family spent some time in Virginia as several children were born or married there. They eventually moved to Kentucky and later settled in Leesville, Lawrence, Indiana where they remained.

William Guthery was born in Virginia about 1809. His wife was Elizabeth Copeland. They settled in Benton County, Arkansas where they raised their family. William Guthery was killed by bushwhackers after the Civil War.


William Guthery could potentially be a descendant of Daniel Guthrie and Jane Flinn indicating that the lineages in America side are interrelated. This seems like a strong possibility because the Guthrie-Flinn line lived in Virginia for a time, which is where William Guthery was said to be born.

The two American lines could also be the result of separate immigrations from Scotland. Genetic markers show less variance compared to the Guthrie-Flinn line than they do the Guthrie-Logan line.

There may also be some interrelatedness between GFG7 and GFG2A, not on the Guthrie side, but via a connection to the Bussell family. Both groups lay claim to Bissell/Bussell ancestry, and both frequently commonly show up in Autosomal DNA matches. There is also a project member of the Bessell surname in Australia who also has Guthrie ancestry. Researching the Bessell/Bissell/Bussell surname in connection to Guthries in Scotland might lead to some clues.

The Y-DNA match by our Australian participant is important to GFG7 because his line never came to America. The line remained intact in Scotland for several generations before its Australian immigration. That indicates that the most recent common ancestor between the Guthrie-Flinn line and the Guthrie-Logan line is most likely to be found back in Scotland.

John Guthrie’s father was also a John Guthrie, who presumably would have been born around 1730 in Scotland. That makes him a contemporary of Daniel Guthrie who was born in 1736/7 in Pennsylvania. That indicates their most recent common ancestor would be found prior to the 1730s in Scotland.

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