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  1. Hello,

    My Name is Alex Smith, My father ( Who I have never met was born as a Guthrie) His father died when he was 3 years old and my grandmother married a smith, When my dad entered Vietnam he changed his last name to smith ho help identify if he died or not. I have never met anyone on my fathers side and he has had no other children. so it seems like I might be the end of the line in away. I was wondering if you could help me in any way, I always wanted to find out information about my dads side.

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    • Have you considered a DNA test? Your direct paternal line DNA should technically match ‘Guthrie’ DNA, so a Y-DNA 37-marker test (available at Family Tree DNA) should match you up with other men who share the same genetic ancestral profile. This might help you determine various Guthrie lineages that are related to yours. Another option is to add an Autosomal DNA test (like AncestryDNA or FTDNA’s Family Finder test). The Ancestry test will give you the most matches. This type of test links you up to all relatives with whom you share segments of ancestral DNA, which would include your Guthrie family. Hopefully, you would get some matches to close family members that might provide some clues to help you identify your Guthrie family.


  2. My brother did the AncestryDNA test. Our ancestor is William Guthrie b abt 1820 in Missouri and died 1896 in Oregon. He married Mary J Ivines/Evans b Feb 1833 in Tennessee and died after 1903. Their marriage is listed in your Missouri records but the name for William is spelled Guthrey. Their daughter, Laura Nancy Guthrie md William Matison/Madison Peden 14 Jan 1886 in Wymore, Gage, Nebraska and they both died in Vancouver, Clark, Washington.

    How do we fit in to your Guthrie Family Groups?
    Thank you,
    Marilyn Strode Dahlquist Fitze


  3. Marilyn,

    William H Guthrie and Mary Jane Evans or Ivines do not currently have genetic evidence or documentation that identifies their Guthrie family group. We don’t have a Y-DNA participant (a direct line male Guthrie) in the DNA project to represent their line. As far as I know we do not have any descendant of this couple in the project, so I encourage you to ask your brother to provide me (Ancestry Username: AnnGU3) with viewer access to his AncestryDNA test. The results may skew toward one particular group, or at least narrow down the field.

    Since William and Mary Jane married in Nodaway County, Missouri in 1853, it is possible that William was already living there in 1850. The county was formed in 1845 from the Platte Purchase of 1836, so the entire area was growing at a fast rate receiving an influx of settlers over a 14 year period. I did not find any Guthrie families (or their variant spellings) in the 1850 census for Nodaway, but there are two families nearby in Andrew County, MO (a GFG2A-Branch A family), Holt County, MO (a GFG2A-Branch G family).

    Note that the head of the GFG2A-Branch A family in Andrew County was a Cumberland Presbyterian Minister and the marriage record for William and Mary Jane shows they were married by the Rev Wm F Bell, a Methodist Episcopalian Minister. Chances are that William was not directly related to the GFG2A-Branch A family.

    The Holt County, MO family seems to be buried at the Benton Church Cemetery in Forest City. I think it is associated with the Methodist Episcopalian Church. A biographical sketch of the Rev William F Bell mentions that he worked the Nodaway county circuit as he rode county to county preaching and performing services.

    Wiliam Guthrie was born about 1817. According to all of the census records this happened in Missouri, which became a state in 1821. Examining the Branch G family later listed in the census records, there are several possible spots in their family tree that could potentially be William. My guess for his parents: James G Guthrie 1793KY – 1873Nodaway, MO and Margaret (Polly/Peggy) Phillips. Only about half of their children have been identified through other records. Based on calculations from early census records there are a daughter and three sons who remain unknown. The sons estimated DOB are 1815, 1820, and 1825. William would fit into either the 1815 or 1820 slots if he is indeed their son.
    Check my Guthrie Research Tree:

    Note that some online trees have linked your William Guthrie as the son of William H Guthrie 1779VA-1840OH & Rachel Jones. This couple lived primarily in Ohio after their marriage. William H Guthrie is a descendant of GFG1A being the son of James Guthrie & Jane Candler. The trees actually list him as William Candler Guthrie. They did have a son named William Guthrie born in 1817 Virginia, but he died at 17 years of age in Williams County, Ohio.


  4. Hello, I was going through Campbell County VA court records and came across this in Book 7, page 229, Jan 1803:
    Commonwealth vs. Gutrey &al, the defendant being solemnly called & came not it is ordered that a Scirefacious issue agt him & his securities.
    – next entry-
    Cwealth vs. Gutrey, (John scratched out) Patience (inserted) Lane & Sophia Evans allowed 2 days attendance.
    I’m still looking so I may find subsequent entries. For several years I have researched Absalom Lane who married Polly Guthrie and somehow became guardian of her children after she passed. I haven’t been able to figure that situation out. The above entry doesn’t help. Any idea who Sophia Evans is? I can assume that Patience Lane is a daughter of John Lane but I don’t know for sure. I have calculated that Absalom should be a grandson of John Lane. Not sure why this took place in Campbell, but the Lanes were well established there so it’s makes sense on their side. Can you shed any light? Or put me in touch with someone who is researching the Halifax Travis Guthrie family?

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    • Just a shot in the dark, but if Patience Lane was the daughter of John Lane, her children would be the heirs of their grandfather and mother. The laws at the time (and possibly today) require guardianship on behalf of minor heirs. That was usually their father if he was alive or a close male relative. If the estate in question was in Campbell county, the guardianship of the heirs would probably also be established there. Although I do have Polly Guthrey and Absalom Lane and family in my Guthrie Research Tree, the Halifax VA Guthrie family is not my personal area of family research. I am unfamiliar with the details. One of our project co-admins, James Guthrie, is the expert on those Halifax VA families. I am not certain if he is able to discuss genealogy at this time, but you can email him at


  5. My maiden is Jennifer Marie Guthrie,my dad Marvin R.Guthrie,his dad Russell T.Guthrie,his dad Warren p.Guthrie sr.i was born in Lynchburg va my dad father Russell was born in halifax,va

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    • Hi Jennifer. Did you have a question about your family, or were you just saying hi? If I identified the correct line for your grandfather, you belong to Guthrie Family Group 4: Descendants of Thomas Guthrey & Sarah Oakes. You have 2 lines of descent from that couple. I show the following: Thomas Guthrey/Sarah Oakes > John Guthrie/Betty Ann Allen > John Guthrey/Edness Adams > Jackson Guthrie/Perlina Stowe > Jackson Guthrie/Mary Elizabeth A Guthrie* > Henry Guthrie/Ethel Cunningham > Warren Percy Guthrie. ALSO: Thomas Guthrey/Sarah Oakes > Travis Guthrey/Mary Ann Hill > James Guthrey/Mary ‘Polly’ Hubbard > Chastain Guthrie/Ann Elizabeth Sparrow > Mary Elizabeth A Guthrie/Jackson Guthrie > Henry Guthrie/Ethel Cunningham > Warren Percy Guthrie (1899VA-1960 Lynchburg, VA)


    • The earliest generation of GFG7-Branch A that can be traced is John Guthrie Sr, a wright, born 1726-46 in Scotland. He had a son named John Guthrie, born on 15 Nov 1866 in Monkton and Prestwick, Ayrshire, who worked as a day laborer. He married Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Logan. They had 4 known children: Margaret, Agnes, Betty, and Charles. The latter lived in Ayrshire his entire life and was twice married. Once of his sons was Hugh Miller Guthrie 1823-1888. He is the Guthrie of this line who went to Australia. He married Jessie Thompson in Tasmania on 29 Apr 1857. There are, of course, other Guthrie men and women who settled in Australia who may or may not be associated with this particular group.


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